Custom movie props from a galaxy far, far away...

This one may take some explaining.


So, yes. I design and build lightsabers. It's one of the many forays I've made into movie/television prop design. These particular sabers two of many in my collection-- in this case, my two favorites. They followed the full design process from start to finish-- sketching and illustration, (precisely!) measured drawings, manufacturing/machining, electronics installation, and assembly.


The first saber, named Cristar, was designed by me, machined by RandomSabers, with additional machining by Borg Manufacturing and LDM Custom Sabers. Electronics by Plecter Labs. Poweder coating and media blasting by The Custom Saber Shop.


The second, Jadeite, was designed by me, machined by The Custom Saber Shop and Borg Manufacturing. Electronics by UltraSabers.


May the Force be with you.



*Neither I nor this site are in any way affiliated with Lucasfilm, Ltd., Walt Disney Pictures, Inc. or the Star Wars franchise. Please don't sue me. These are custom props designed just for the fun of it, and the love of design.