An engraved experience

Here's the official description of this amazing publication:


"Design To Touch brings a historic printing medium into 21st century life within its 220 pages of rich information and 140 illustrations - thirty of which are actually and exquisitely engraved. 

Engraving is a truly extraordinary printing medium. The raised surface and deeply saturated color creates a highly "touchable" and memorable result. Engraving has the look of hand-craftsmanship yet the manufactured process is capable of producing thousands of perfect impressions. 

Renowned designers as well as the industry's rising stars have contributed images for the engraved pages that appear on a variety of Crane, Mohawk, and Neenah paper. Contributors include: Matteo Bologna, Jon Contino, Ramon Cruz, Louise Fili, Steff Geissbuhler, Jessica Hische, Martin Holloway, Robert Louey, Gregg Lukasiewicz, Michael Osborne, Stefan Sagmeister, Steve Sandstrom, Robynne Raye, Regina Rubino, Michael Vanderbyl, and Jody Williams (fine artist). A full list of all the designers who have contributed their work for reproduction can be found on the Design to Touch website. 

The book begins with an overview that summarizes established research on historic engraving, an intaglio printing process. The text continues with a focus on present day processes with information drawn from primary sources. Design To Touch provides a wealth of knowledge on engraved printing including production range, concept development for visual communications, and artistry in application, by demystifying the process and supplying basic technical information as well as creative direction and inspiration. From concept through production the text guides you in the development of designing with engraving in mind, so that you can effectively create and/or appreciate design to touch." 


That's a mouthful... and it's all absolutely true! I was fortunate enough to be a researcher, photographer, historian, and illustrator on this gorgeous book. The brainchild of Rose Gonnella and Erin Smith, this was published by the International Engraved Graphics Association. I was even lucky enough to get one of my superhero illustrations beautifully engraved and embossed.