Notes on everything

This is a great one.


I was originally called in to serve as production/prepress specialist on the first Design Fundamentals book, Notes on Color (Theory). When it became evident that it was going to be a series, I was asked to not only do production for the next two books, but also co-author and design. What resulted was one of the most challenging and unquestionably rewarding experiences of my professional life.


Working with Rose Gonnella and Max Friedman, along with the host of talented professionals, designers, and interns to create this series changed the way I look at publishing, writing, and design in general. Our goal was to create something new and exciting and fun, while still teaching and sharing our love of the visual world. And I think I can, without any pretense or ego, say that we did exactly that. My sincerest thanks to Nikki McDonald, Robin Landa, Rose Gonnella, Max Friedman, Margaret Grzymkowsi, John Weigele, Jon Mui, Samantha Gniazdowski, Kyle Godfrey, Lillianna Vazquez, David Haase, Kaila Edmondson, RiaCristiana Venturina, Alexa Matos, Maria Finelli, Nancy Fuentes, Stephen Sepulveda, Chris Hopkins, Hannah Friedman, Jean-Marie Navetta, and Earl Hickson.