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Hmmm. Here's the official blurb about this book: "COMP IT UP is a one of kind practical and functional guide for readers learning to produce professional-level comprehensive mockups and portfolio presentations in graphic design. This text not only covers a wide range of materials and techniques needed to produce these mockups, but it also promotes creative inspiration with hundreds of images and examples. Also included are dozens of step by step visuals to help in learning how to work out more difficult techniques. Exploring both traditional print and new media applications, Comp It Up is adaptable to a variety of graphic design and advertising design applications. Using this text, readers will not only learn the skills they need to build comprehensive mockups, but they will also gain the knowledge and confidence needed to present them professionally."


That's all true! But even more importantly, it was my first co-authored book, written and created with Rose Gonnella. I wrote, I designed, I laid out, I photographed, and yes... I comped! So here we see the cover, some interior page details, and a few posters that were made to promote the book.