Design Heroes

Back when the Art Directors Club of New Jersey had themed Annual Awards Shows, each new year brought something different. (Remember the Twilight Zone year? Or the Wizard of Oz? Love!)


One year, they made the mistake of choosing superheroes as their theme. And I say "mistake" because I was of coruse all over it! The actual studio charged with the design was The Design Studio @ Kean University, under the creative direction of the ridiculously-talented Steven Brower. Along with Steve, Ian Dorian, and the Design Studio members, I worked to create a team of superheroes whose powers were all based in the visual arts. No simple feat, I can tell you.


What we ended up was an homage to all of our favorite comic books and comic illustrators, while telling a great little adventure of our heroes.  Characters included The Illustrator, Persuasion, The Visible Man, Techno, Dr. Rx, Flashpointe, Logic, and The Paginator. I ended up doing writing, layout, and design, as well as digital coloring, and even a bit of illustration of my own.


Thanks to Steven Brower, Ian Dorian, Jenna Brower, Ori S., Mark Romanoski, Guy Dorian, the members of The Design Studio @ Kean University, and the ADCNJ Board of Trustees.