So there are many ways I can go with this whole "about me" thing. I can go the typical professional route and quote my author/designer bio:


"Christopher J. Navetta’s diverse career boasts an eclectic group of clients and employers that includes Wendy’s, Kay-Bee Toys, Natural Wonders, Jersey City Public Schools, Thomson Delmar Learning (now Cengage), PFLAG, Prentice Hall, Six Flags (including DC Comics and Looney Tunes), the Mall of America, and Nickelodeon. He is the co-author and designer of Comp It Up: A Studio Skills Foundation, co-author and designer on Design Fundamnentals: Notes on Visual Elements and Principles of Cmposition and Notes on Type, and a contributing writer, designer, researcher, and photographer for Design To Touch: Engraving History, Process, Concepts, and Creativity. He currently teaches design at Kean University, and has worked on developing curricula for undergraduate courses and a summer design program for high school students."


Okay. Important, but not very fun. It sounds too much like I'm just giving you my résumé.


Here's what really matters: Design is what I do. It's what I am. It's what I've always been. A teacher of mine once gave me and a group of fellow designers this advice: Go home this weekend and design. Not for work, not for school, not for pay. Just design. If you honestly enjoy what you're doing and have no other agenda than designing for design's sake, then maybe you're meant for this business. I didn't even have to run that experiment. I already knew the answer.


So here I am today-- designer, author, teacher. There's no place else I'd rather be, and there's nothing else I'd rather do.


Also, I make lightsabers. Because lightsabers are cool.


And sometimes-- just sometimes-- I wear a kilt. But that's an entirely different story altogether...